South Bohemian Creative Retreats

Fall Painting Holiday & Workshop - Oil & Acrylic


September 22 - 29, 2006

Photo of Houses in Cesky Krumlov

Spend eight glorious days immersed in the living history and culture of South Bohemia, in and around the 13th century village of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. Paint on the same cobblestone streets that were immortalized by Seccessionist painter Egon Schiele and inspiration for composer Antonin Dvorak. Take relaxing day tours to some of Europe's most romantic Bohemian towns and vistas. Artists on this painting holiday & workshop will receive intense personalized attention from renowned Midwest artist Julie Hudspeth, one of Milkwood's 2006 Artist Residents. The course will end with an evening public exhibition of student works in the famous Cesky Krumlov Castle, an international historic landmark.

Workshop Itinerary

Visit the Itinerary page for a listing of various events and activities scheduled throughout the 10-day workshop.

Julie Hudspeth - 2006 Milkwood Artist Resident and Painting Workshop Facilitator

"The best thing a teacher can give a student is success," says Julie Hudspeth, 2006 Milkwood Artist Resident and Painting Workshop Facilitator. Julie teaches students how to paint with skill and expression using two core strategies. She trains her students to see the vital essences of objects with as little preconception as possible - to look at color, shape, form, composition, light and shadow. She also instills a firm technical grasp of the painter's tools, providing tips and technical information to help students find their own method and approach to artwork. From this foundation, Julie directs her students to discover and develop their own personal styles.

Julie says, "In addition to teaching fresh perception and solid technical skills, I place a lot of importance on fun. This may feel like amusement, play, recreation, sport or the simple wonder of learning. A sigh at the end of a session should be one of pleasure and achievement, not one of relief that it is over." She likes to think of her students as "gleaners" who gather what they need to help them enjoy their artwork and their life.

Photo of Helfenberg Ruins

Facilitator Biography

Krumlov doorJulie first painted when a high school art teacher brought in his oils from home with a canvas board and offered them to her, saying, "Here, I thought you might like to paint something."

"He was right," she says, "It's in my blood." She has painted ever since.

A graduate of the University of Missouri with degrees in education and fine art, and post-graduate work at the Kansas City Art Institute, Julie has exhibited her works in galleries in Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Her artwork is in prestigious private collections in New York, London, California, Florida, Missouri, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, and Texas.

This year, Julie received a coveted spot in the Milkwood Artist Residency program in the Czech Republic, which is provided to only a handful of artists each year and sought by candidate artists from across the globe. She returns to South Bohemia to share her knowledge and skills of painting as well as her experiences of the region.

Testimonials of Julie Hudspeth's students

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. Julie encourages us to use our own creativity and makes great suggestions on how to improve our work." M.C.

"This has been a wonderful, positive learning experience. Ms. Hudspeth did a great job." C.C.T.

"It was fun!" C.M.

"Excellent course! I picked up many new techniques and ideas for my painting." V.B.

"Would have liked for the class to have lasted longer. Julie was very helpful."

"I had a great time. Want more! I learned a lot of new ideas for my painting." E.F.

Contact Information:

Email facilitator Julie Hudspeth at
Questions? Call free: (888) 311-7775

2006 Milkwood Studio & Exhibition Space

Participants in the 2006 Painting Workshop have the opportunity to exhibit their works in the historic Cesky Krumlov State Castle.